HPPH Fan Fiction | Bellatrix Lestrange Blog (#01)

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Bellatrix Lestrange Blog: Entry 01

What worse punishment could there be besides Azkaban? Perhaps this one, which I am so unwillingly partaking in. The Ministry of Magic knows exactly how to agitate me. Apparently I can’t be sent back to Azkaban due to my levels of insanity, which isn’t my fault because they LEFT ME IN THERE FOR FIFTEEN YEARS. They must’ve realized that locking me up only made me stronger and my undying loyalty to the Dark Lord would not, nor will ever cease to exist. So, as my punishment they decide to give me the most wretched, pain-staking, heartless punishment ever conceived; I have to write a blog. I would rather place the cruciatus curse on myself instead of participating in this muggle activity. I don’t even know what a “blog” is. They tell me to write about my day as if it’s some kind of story?? I WILL NOT BE TAKEN AS SOME SORT OF FAIRYTALE.. My days are nothing more than wishing for Harry Potter to be DEAD – I mean – wishing for the best of days for everyone. However, seeing as this is my punishment for however long (maybe even forever), I will give “blogging” a try, though I WILL NOT be acknowledging that it has anything do with muggles whatsoever. That’s something that a mudblood like Hermione can do with her horrific friends.

Speaking of mudbloods, I ran into one in the Forbidden Forest last night. He was actually quite good with his wand and I automatically assumed he was a Slytherin pureblood. Naturally, I thought he would be ecstatic to see me, but when he saw me, he froze in fear. I loved it. So of course, I had to have some fun. It took everything in me not to use one of the “forbidden curses” or whatever on him but I can’t do something to that extreme again (not yet anyway). I did pretend that I was going to kill him, but I won’t go into much detail on that subject. I did, however, leave him with a mess in his trousers and that was plenty fun. I should get the Dark Lord to do something like that with me. Imagine us wrecking havoc all around England, leaving people scared to the point of – well you know.

I hate that I’m limited to playing “innocent”. It’s stupid! I AM ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL WITCHES OUT THERE yet I’m still just a marionette of the Ministry of Magic. What happened to all the Death Eaters? What happened to my beloved Voldemort? Stop freaking out, I happen to love his name. I JUST WANT TO TORTURE SOME WIZARDS. Is that too much to ask?? I suppose I can be a bit bipolar but everyone should know by now that crazy is included in the package. As long as I don’t run into Harry Potter, I should be okay. Or Molly Weasley…I don’t like her.

This is it. The wonderfully dreadful life of me, Bellatrix Lestrange. Say thanks to the Minister for having me do this. I swear, some punishments should be illegal. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll actually enjoy doing this. AHAHAHAHAHA likely story. Now, how does someone end a blog?? Can you help? I need some way of signing out…like a way of ending the blog. Can you guys come up with some ideas for me? Look at me asking for help, whatever. Since I don’t know how to sign off I guess for now it can be…Apparate? Ok please help, bye.

Written by Ash
Musername: reeaalgood

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