Which Hogwarts House Answered Best? (HPPH Recap 10.22)

It was a quick Harry Potter Power Hour this past Sunday (sorry it was so short Potterheads!). But even in such a short time, Gryffindor House flexed their feline muscles in the Harry Potter Trivia and won the day, barely beating out Ravenclaw! Are you a part of the Gryffindor winners? Comment if so! (and shoutout to IG Potterhead @clara._.weasley for the screenshot)

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And if you’re still reading, COMMENT your favorite Witch or Wizard from the Harry Potter universe!

18 thoughts on “Which Hogwarts House Answered Best? (HPPH Recap 10.22)”

  1. Thanks Eric 🙂 💙⚡️ Also It was very fun! Even in the short time it was a blast! Can’t wait for next week! – So close Ravenclaw! & My favorite witch from Harry Potter is Luna Lovegood

      Every one is great but Luna in a way is the smartest and knows when people need to be comforted the most. Luna and Hermione should’ve had a show called Witchardry instead of Jeopardy and see who is smarter!!

  2. My favorite witch is Hermionie, of course! She is brave and intelligent! She is amazing in every way. She is my hero!

  3. My favorite witch is definitely Luna Lovegood😄💙 Ravenclaw was so close!💙 Congrats Gryffindors!🦁

  4. Luna Lovegood!! She I said so unique and caring and I think others could learn from her!!

  5. Hi Porterheads and Mr.Atell-The last Hpph was awesome and I am in Gryffindor!!! So close Ravenclaw! My favorite which is Hermione, I absolutely love her! She is smart, funny, beautiful and amazing! 😁👍👏

  6. Sirius Black… he taught me so much in the series… Great Job Gryffindor’s!!!!! (From Hufflepuff ✨⭐️🐥💛💛🖤💛)

  7. I am a Gryffindor 🦁 ❤️ and my favourite character is Hermione because she is amazing in every way and super smart like me!

  8. Congrats Gryffindors!! My favorite character would have to be Draco. I’ve had a crush on him since I started reading the series.😂😂🐍💚

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