Dobby Pukes? And Gryffindor… (HPPH Recap 10.08)

So much fun during this week’s Harry Potter Power Hour!  Dobby drank too much butter beer and experienced a lot of “rainbow puking”, and Gryffindor won the day! (COMMENT if you’re GRYFFINDOR!). And there was a huge announcement! Finally, for the first time ever, you can now get your very own HPPH T-SHIRT!! Click HERE for the details! Oh, and also, our Wizardry Word of the Week winner – for some reason I’m spacing out on who it was right now. Someone please help! Which proud Slytherin member was the first to guess the word? Let us know in the comments!




Gryffindor wins the day on HPPH 10.08

Gryffindor barely eked out the win over Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw! It came down to the final trivia question! It was such an exciting finish, that Dobby started rainbow puking (see above…). (and Slytherins, where were you?…)







HPPH T-shirts are now available! HPPH 10.08

And finally for the first time ever, HPPH t-shirts are available to order! You can get yours by clicking HERE! Be the envy of everyone at Hogwarts. Or at your school. Which you are fully allowed to call Hogwarts if you’re a part of the HPPH Fam!

11 thoughts on “Dobby Pukes? And Gryffindor… (HPPH Recap 10.08)”

  1. Im half griffindore half hufflepuff so in a griffinpuff:) i missed last weeks… I think I was at a friends and didn’t have wifi

  2. Sad I missed It! Sounds really fun! Hopefully I can join today! 👌🏻😁

  3. 😭😭So Close Hufflepuffs! But Gryffindor you deserved it. Won fair and sqaure. #housepride #Hufflepuffsforever

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