Hagrid’s Favorite Creature? And Ravenclaw?? (HPPH Recap 09.24)

This week’s Harry Potter Power Hour was a blast!  We debated which Hagrid beast was our favorite, found out that Dobby does NOT like being dropped,  and Ravenclaw won the day over the other Houses (COMMENT if you’re RAVENCLAW!). Ravenclaw pulled out the win thanks to the Dobbyriels sent by musical.ly user @g_m_h! And our Wizardry Word of the Week winner @lkrayon proved her knowledge of wands! (Check out the Wizardry Word of the Week on musical.ly to if you can also guess what it is with the clues in the comments!…)




Buckbeak wins! Harry potter Power Hour 09.24

Buckbeak wins as Hagrid’s Favorite Creature! Which creature of Hagrid’s is YOUR Favorite? COMMENT below!









T-shirts coming soon! Harry potter Power Hour 09.24

Have you seen the new #HPPH t-shirts? They’ll be available soon! If you want to try to win one, post a musical.ly this week about He Who Shall Not Be Named! (yes, Voldemort….) Make sure you have #HPPH and @ericartell in the caption! Good luck! (and COMMENT below if you want to get a t-shirt!)

35 thoughts on “Hagrid’s Favorite Creature? And Ravenclaw?? (HPPH Recap 09.24)”

  1. I’m a Ravenclaw, and also Cucumber_eteamtaj on Musical.ly. During HPPH I answered a question correctly “Acromantula” and you asked what house I was in. I said Ravenclaw multiple times but unfortunately it might be too late now to add a point! 😜

  2. OMG!!!! YAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I am in Ravenclaw so that is amazing that we won!!!! Also, my favorite one of Hagrid’s pets is either Fluffy or Norbert.

  3. I’m a Ravenclaw! 🐳💙 #PRIIIIDE :3 so happy I could join the HPPH fam Eric! I’m excited to share my blog with the potterhead community & I look forward to seeing others too! ~ @clara.weasley / Musical.ly \

  4. First off ~ “CARRY ON WAND” 😂 Secondly, I am actually allowed to watch HPPH today 🙁 but it’s 7 where I am ( the usual time ) & it’s not live yet 😓 Will it happen?

      1. I know :)) but thank you anyway. This was the day he was at the airport so it stated late and got cut off 💕⚡️

  5. I would like a T-shirt but I don’t think my mum will let me have one. Blimey. (<Ron speak)

  6. I’m ravenclaw! I love you Harry Potter you should sell your books on hpphfam.com

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