Dobby Dabs?? (HPPH Recap 09.17)

What a fun Harry Potter Power Hour today! A ton of fun trivia, some amazing guests, and Gryffindor won the day over the other Houses (COMMENT IF YOU’RE GRYFFINDOR!). That was thanks in large part to the winner of the Wizardry Word of the Week on @barryallen9grant_fan! Congrats! (Check out the Wizardry Word of the Week soon to see if you can also guess what it is with the clues in the comments!…)


Thanks to IG user @_megzillion_ for capturing Dobby’s love of the butterbeer!







And thanks to IG user @accio.weasley05 for immortalizing the hybrid #DobbyDab / #ScarDab during the! (which was of course all thanks to user @reeaalgood and her Slytherin Dabriel that she sent…)





If you missed out on the fun, make sure you get the app and watch the Harry Potter Power Hour on Sundays at 4 pm pacific (7 pm eastern)!

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  1. I love HPPH but I moved so I am going to miss so much so but this will work out someday I just want to get a wand and poof it’s done

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