HPPH Fan Fiction | Twelve: Why are we fugitives (#01)

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Twelve: why are we fugitives?

Twelve: Harry Potter Fan Fiction

I should’ve never listened to that muggle. I knew it would end bad. I knew it. But somehow, I did it anyway. And it was the biggest mistake of my life. How could I have done this? How could I have been so blinded? Well, I guess I should tell you what happened.
The Wizarding World as you know it has many secrets. Yes, the famous Harry Potter and his storybook friends are real… but a few people you MAY not be familiar with, were cut out of the plot. Hi, my name is Clara Weasley, and I’m almost POSITIVE you’ve never heard of me. Yeah, that’s right, I’m the 8th Weasley. I was adopted by the Weasley’s at a very young age, and kept a secret. I was considered “different” even “loony,” which lead to me being mistreated, kept away. Alone. I “never existed” in the famous Harry Potter books. It wasn’t until I got my Hogwarts letter, that I really started to have hope. I thought maybe at Hogwarts I would get noticed, maybe they would include me in a book! Or I might even, maybe, make some friends! I actually, for a few weeks, thought I might live a normal, wizarding life.
Oh, was I Wrong.
But don’t misunderstand, Hogwarts is a great place. It was actually one of the only places I called home. On the first night I was sorted into the great house of Ravenclaw, and enjoyed the magnificent feast. But my dream of being noticed, was shunned to the side as soon as Rose Granger-Weasley and Albus Potter, and the rest of the “golden trio’s” family arrived. My “cousins,” who had no idea who I was, were constantly in the spotlight Leaving me, only a shadow in their light, the opposite of famous. I feel the only thing that kept me going at Hogwarts was my friends. Riley Lovegood, my fellow Ravenclaw & great friend. The Malfoy twins, Jacqui & Hannah, my Hufflepuff friends. & Lily Granger, my amazing & lovely Gryffindor friend. They had similar backstories as I, they were cut out of the plot too, kept a secret. Jacqui & Hannah knew how it felt to be mistreated by their families, like me. My first year was actually not as bad as I expected it to be, thanks to my friends. We shared many great times, and created many memories. At the end of term, we were sad to say goodbye. We promised to talk over the summer.
But I had no idea what we were getting into…
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written by – @clara.weasley

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34 thoughts on “HPPH Fan Fiction | Twelve: Why are we fugitives (#01)”

  1. Amazing this was amazing because I only know of Clara from musicly but this is way cool

  2. I really loved this fanfic and whole idea of being left out/cut out of the books. Some people don’t check the facts and don’t contemplate if their idea is possible or not. This had none of those issues! As an fanfiction writer, I really like this! I’d love to see the relationships between the “outcasts” and their families in a new chapter, if you’d like to incorporate that idea (I’m not pressuring, just suggesting).

    1. Thank you! 🙂 ❤️ The story is written from 5 perspectives, so yes, your idea of the relationships of each of us do come into play! Next week we have Jacqui writing her perspective 🙂

      Also, as the story goes, the first 7 chapters ( part 1 ) will be written from the perspective of me, ( Clara ) then jacqui, then Riley, then me again, then Jacqui, then Riley, then a collab 💙 after that the story goes into part 2 where Hannah & Lily come into play :))

  3. Oh MY GOSH! I love this so much! I cannot wait until Part two! Keep up the amazing work! Do you know when part two is coming?

  4. This doesn’t work because Lilly “granger” and Riley “Lovegood” have girl character last names and if a man and a woman have a kid the kid gets the guys last name other than that this ff was great and I can’t wait for more

    1. Well technically a women doesn’t have to change their last name – and [ like my cousin ] a person can change their last name after they are born. So this works, but thank you :)) 🌨💙

  5. Hi Eric! I was wondering when Jacqui’s ( @limexlight ) story ( part 2 ) would be posted? 💗 :)) We emailed it a while ago, so I wasn’t sure if you just fOrgot or lost it 😂 or if Dobby put it in spam

    BAD DOBBY 😫😂

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