Do you have this at YOUR school?

Harry Potter Club at School!

School is a perfect place to find other Potterheads who share your love of Harry Potter! And once you find each other, what better thing to do than to start your very own Harry Potter Club?

That’s exactly what HPPH Family member Claire did at her school. They have a regularly meeting Harry Potter Club where they do really fun Potterhead activities, such as drawing their own Patronuses. Here are a couple of pics of the Harry Potter Club at Claire’s school. Is your patronus the same as theirs? And what sort of activities would you do if you had your own Harry Potter Club? COMMENT below and let us know!

Do YOU have a Harry Potter Club at your school? If so, send us an email so we can highlight it on the HPPH Fam Blog!

Claire’s Harry Potter Club!
A Wolf Patronus at Claire’s Harry Potter Club!

COMMENT BELOW what your Patronus is and if you see it in the pics!

50 thoughts on “Do you have this at YOUR school?”

  1. We have a sci-fi fantasy club at our school and one of the big fantasy books is harry potter of course its free and fun it hasn’t started yet but its still fun I’m hearing when it start I will definitely be joining ☺

    1. My patronus is a killer whale, but i habe lots of friends who are otters. Btw i folloe you on

  2. Unfortunately we are lacking many potterheads at our school! 😂😭 but hoepfully in the next year we are able to start something!

    1. Shoot i Was just reading the comments and stumbled upon my comment i forgot about and i was like wow i have the same patronus and name as her and now I’m laughing at my faults because little did i know it was me

  3. My patronus is a Stag! This sounds great and I would love to do this at my school but we don’t have that many Potterheads in my school! 😭 But hopefully we get more next year and I could hopefully start something 🙂

  4. My patronus is a Tortiseshell Cat🐱😂😂. Myself and a couple of other Potterheads are is ASB at my school, so maybe we would be able to start something🙂

  5. I have a Harry Potter club at our school I am actually the founder of the club and I am the head of griffindor also my patronus is a otter

  6. My school does have a Harry Potter club I am actually the founder of the club I am also the head of the house also my patronus is a Otter

  7. My Patronus is a Kingfisher. I took the quiz on Pottermore and I’m a Ravenclaw. I’m also a Muggle born. And j am Jack Dylan Grazers Twin Sister

  8. Mah patronus is a dolphin! My cousin and I create our own Half Blood price textbooks and have wand fights regularly😂 It’s perfectly normal

  9. Mine is a dog. I wish that I could start this club at my school, but I can’t because my school can’t pay for supplies and neither can my family and I.

    1. classic wolf, always a little wishy-washy…haha, kidding! Perhaps you’re also Team Jacob from Twilight? If so, then it’s definitely a wolf!

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