HPPH Fam on Halloween!

Was your costume Harry Potter-themed for Halloween?

These Harry Potter Power Hour Family members showed off their love of Harry Potter this Halloween! Thanks for sending in the pics Potterheads – amazing job!

Dari & her Potterhead friends!
Kennedy as Hermione!
Clara’s Ravenclaw pride!
Gryffindor’s Priya!

DidΒ YOU dress up in a Harry Potter themed costume for Halloween?Β COMMENT BELOW and let us know!

7 thoughts on “HPPH Fam on Halloween!”

  1. Wow this website is amazing but I want to be noticed like clara she is an idol to most and everyone likes her Harry Potter things I come from a very high standard family I love it but sometimes I really wonder what life would be like if I was a famous potter head!!

    1. Aweee tysmmm <333 πŸ’— it makes me happy that you think of me like that! πŸ™‚

  2. i actually dressed up as a witch from Gryffindor and a lot of people thought I was Hermione when I really wasn’t but it was still fun though!

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