HPPH Blogs will be coming soon!

HPPH blog posts will be coming soon. Let us know in the comments what you'd like to see and read about in HPPH Blog Posts!

38 thoughts on “HPPH Blogs will be coming soon!”

  1. Im So excited for this blog Eric! #Hpph #ArtellArmy #VoteEricforPresidant. #StarfishFeels

  2. I would like to know just what life is like at Hogwarts. Cause in the books and the movies we probley don’t get to know everything about going to hogwarts!

  3. I think Hermionie should have a blog. Hers would be about her relationship with Ron and her school grades and tests. Hope this helps!!

  4. I would love to see a pet blog or Voldemorts blog (just imagine). Or maybe you could do a food blog. I mean it’d be awesome to see you try hog warts food.

    1. Hedwig should have a blog and it would be about all the adventures she has while delivering a message or what happens when she is with Sirius

  5. Love the idea!! It would be so cool if Luna or Draco had a blog!! I think we would learn more about the characters but people might have their own ideas about the characters and leave hate… But I’d love it do what you think is best, your awesome!

  6. Ooooooo this is interesting!!! I want to see what people are up to these days or maybe what people like???

  7. I wonder what neville was like after the war with voldemort. i really wish to see his blog.

  8. I would love to hear a teachers blog and some facts about Hogwarts and about J.K: Rowling while she was writing the series! Love being apart of this big HP Family! #HPPH #HPLOVER 😃😃

  9. I think we should so sort other characters from TV and movies into Hogwarts houses.
    #ArtellArmy #HPPH #Starfishfeels

  10. I want to know about Hermione’s feelings. Maybe te books don’t describe very much what Hermione thinks or feels

  11. I wonder if Fred’s and George’s blog were based on WWW and Voldemort’s is based on deatheaters and all that.

  12. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. The things Harry and Ron would post. Snape’s would be amazing to read and could you image Hermione writing a blog post at 2 a.m.? This is gonna be fantastic. So excited!!

  13. I think that either Hermione or Draco should have a blood about their Hogwarts life. Also I think that there should be a blog about life at Hogwarts.

  14. I wish to see this! And any way I have been wondering what the hufflepuff common rooms are like cause we have seen all of the room other then hufflepuff maybe you could do a student from there hopes this helps

  15. Me and my mom love Harry potter that is why I’m excited for this blog 💗💛💚

  16. I would love to see the lives of characters we don’t see much of in the movies/ books. Such as a nurse in the second book or one of the Weasleys we don’t hear a lot from.

  17. So proud of what you have gained Eric! I would love to see a something based upon what life as an Ministry worker of possibly a Auror is like! #EricforPresident

  18. I’d love to see what it would be like, seeing the characters like Harry and Draco, through the eyes of Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws and such. It would be awesome in general

  19. Possibly interviews with the characters? And on Sunday we could have a post about what happened on the HPPH live.ly.

  20. I would like a look into Hermione’s life and thoughts and how she feels about sticking with her friends even though sometimes it meant compromising her hopes and dreams (and grades). Can it be in first person?

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